Eric Trump Just Can’t Understand How Joe Biden Won

Math continues to elude the Trump faithful a full three weeks after the 2020 Presidential Election was called for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Despite Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results in all of the states he lost, his attempts have been thwarted at every turn by the legal system, including his own federal appointees. The recount he funded in Wisconsin yielded a whopping 132 new votes–for Biden. The transition has finally begun and the Biden Cabinet is getting stocked with major names. In front of the White House, scaffolding is being erected in advance of Biden’s inauguration on January 20, although final plans have yet to be announced in light of the still-raging coronavirus pandemic. Trump himself has said he’ll be leaving the White House–as long as the Electoral College is certified for Biden.

And yet the hardcore devotees of MAGA Nation continue to dig in and insist the election was rigged, a fraud, stolen right out from under their beloved Dear Leader. While some Republicans have begrudgingly acknowledged in public that Joe Biden is the rightful President-Elect and others are quietly acquiescing behind closed doors, those closest to Trump will never admit they flat-out lost to the Biden-Harris ticket. And that of course includes his own children.

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[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]
This time, it’s Eric Trump who’s once again getting dragged by Twitter for not understanding the basics of arithmetic. He tweeted his disbelief that Biden won the election with more votes than Barack Obama, because Biden just wasn’t out on the campaign trail endangering his voting base like someone’s dad we all know.

Twitter then took it upon itself to chastise the kids’ cancer charity grifter about his remedial math skills, reminding him about how elections work and stuff during a pandemic (his father is completely responsible for mishandling), causing “Yes Eric” to trend.

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