Eric Trump Goes off on Democrats Calling Them ‘Almost Anti-American’ and ‘Crazy’

In the midst of one of the largest investigations ever, into corruption and possible collusion by the president with a hostile foreign entity, the president’s son, Eric Trump, called Democrats “almost anti-American” and “crazy” as he appeared on Fox News’ Hannity last night.

In a brief, yet scathing diatribe by the president’s son, after the topic turned to efforts to avoid a second government shutdown, Eric Trump said the following:

″They don’t want law and order, they want to tax people to death, they want to get businesses out of this country, they want to let anybody in this country, they want to bankrupt the system through free health care for all.”

Eric then went on to suggest that the Democrats’ vision of free healthcare will turn the American economic system into Venezuela, which is currently in turmoil and on the brink of a possible war.

“How do you pay for this stuff? I mean, we would become Venezuela,” Trump explained to Hannity.

He then continued his attacks on the party that’s looking to oust his father in 22 months.

“They’ve become so radicalized and it’s not going to work,” Trump explained of Democrats. “They’ve become crazy. The message doesn’t even make sense anymore. It’s almost an anti-American message.”

The president has a deadline of February 15th before he risks another government shutdown should both parties not be able to come to an agreement on border security and possible wall funding.

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