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Eric Trump Gets Healthcare Claim Shot Down On Fox & Friends (VIDEO)

Eric Trump Gets Healthcare Claim Shot Down On Fox & Friends (VIDEO)

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Appearing earlier today on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, President Trump’s second son, Eric, was immediately shot down while spreading misinformation for his father. Soon after bragging and boasting that America was “winning at everything we do” during his dad’s very brief tenure thus far, Eric Trump blatantly twisted what it is that Democrats are running on in the 2018 midterms. In keeping with his father’s themes of exploiting racial divisions and encouraging another whitelash, he claimed that Democrats were attacking law enforcement.

Ordinarily, a huge cheerleader for President Trump and all of his bogus claims, host Steve Doocy quickly corrected Eric Trump to inform him that many Democratic candidates were “running on health care.” Eric Trump then replied by perpetuating the questionable claim that Democrats “broke” America’s health care system, which was immediately shot down by co-host Brian Kilmeade.

“And the Republicans blew it by not coming up with a repeal and replace plan. They set themselves up for this,” said Kilmeade.

Perhaps feeling cornered and desperate to shift to other fiction, Eric Trump then audaciously claimed the former President Barack Obama, had a “personal problem” with his father and was “taking credit for a lot of” his father’s accomplishments.

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Watch the entire segment below:

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