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Eric Trump Criticizes President For Traveling To His Personal Property

Eric Trump Criticizes President For Traveling To His Personal Property

With Donald Trump, projection seems to be second nature. Throughout his presidency, observers noted that he frequently accused others of behaviors that he himself exhibited. Now, it seems that it may be a family trait.

BEDMINSTER, NJ – JULY 15: Eric Trump waves as he heads into U.S. President Donald Trump’s suite during the U.S. Women’s Open round three on July 15, 2017 at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

In the short clip below, captured by journalist Aaron Rupar from a Fox News broadcast, Eric Trump discusses a president spending time away from the White House while the nation faces crises. His indignation that a United States President would spend so much time in his own home state, at his own property, is palpable.

What’s strange is that it’s not his father he’s talking about, but President Joe Biden.

“Afghanistan is falling and guess what? You have President Biden who is in Delaware, not solving that problem….”

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It’s true that Biden spends a fair amount of time at his property in Delaware. As of August, NPR was reporting that Biden had spent 14 weekends in Delaware, out of the 29 weeks he had been in office so far. He says this time spent with family keeps him centered, and that the formality of the White House makes it “hard to get comfortable.”

However, it’s an odd criticism coming from a Trump. The Washington Post reports that the former president spent 428 days of his presidency — almost one-third of his time in office — visiting his own properties, including those in Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, and New York. In fact, he spent more than half of his weekend days as President visiting one of his own properties.

The office of President of the United States is clearly stressful and high-pressure, and anyone might decide to get away on the weekend for time with family in a familiar environment. However, Eric Trump’s criticism is particularly telling, considering that when his father was in office, he didn’t merely spend time at these properties, but arguably funneled taxpayer money into them by obligating his Secret Service team to rent out blocks of rooms.

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