Eric Trump Clarifies: He Was Trying To Speak For LGBT People, Not Come Out

After a public uproar, Eric Trump has clarified. When, on Fox News, he referred to the LGBT community and said, “I’m a part of that community,” he was not identifying himself as LGBT. Rather, he was attempting to speak for the LGBT community, and claim they support Donald Trump.

eric trump says he;s not lgbt, just trying to speak for them
[Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage]

On a Fox News segment, Eric Trump was asked for his views on an op-ed by a woman who identifies herself as gay and in her fifties. She says that she can’t identify herself by full name, for fear of repercussions, but that she has benefitted financially under Donald Trump and supports him. This story was dangled as evidence that there are many “secret Trump voters,” who support the president but don’t do so openly. Eric was asked for his response, and what he said was widely interpreted as declaring himself a member of the LGBT community.

I see it every day. The LGBT community, they are incredible. And you should see how they come out in full force for my father every single day. I’m part of that community, and we love the man. And thank you for protecting our neighborhoods, and thank you for protecting our cities.

The public responded, as reported by Raw Story, saying things like “No thanks,” “We don’t want him,” and “Tough break for the LGBT community.”

However, Eric later clarified, or at least, echoed someone else’s clarification for him.

Huff Post reporter Yashar Ali tweeted to say that Eric wasn’t identifying himself, but sharing what he says LGBT people have told him about his dad, Eric responded in agreement.

While it’s certainly possible that some LGBT people have approached Eric to tell him they support his father, polling says that the majority do not. While Trump recently promoted a poll that said 45% of gay men support him, the Washington Blade called this “clickbait” and “sloppy journalism,” noting that it was based on a sample group of 1,200 on a gay dating app. It doesn’t reflect the larger population of LGBT individuals, who according to Morning Consult, in a poll of over 30k registered voters, showed a significant preference for Biden: “Biden led Trump with the [LGBTQ] demographic by 45 points, 64 percent to 19 percent.”

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