Eric Trump Claims Father Has “Lost a Fortune” Being President

Eric Trump wants America to feel sorry for his father. Appearing on ABC News’s “This Week,” Donald Trump’s number two son was asked by host Jonathan Karl to respond to the New York Times report that his father had turned his hotels and resorts “into the Beltway’s new back rooms, where public and private business mix and special interests reign.”

His response was evasive and non-responsive to the question Karl posed. “We’ve lost a fortune, my father has lost a fortune running for president but he doesn’t care because he wanted to do what’s right,” the younger Trump said. “The last thing that Donald Trump needs is this job.” He then proceeded to run through the typical laundry list of presidential “accomplishments” and talk over Karl as the journalist implored him to “please answer the question, please.”

Trump refused and instead tried to attack Joe Biden: “Go Google Biden’s house right now and tell me if you think that a person who’s been in government 47 years can afford that mansion on the water in Wilmington Delaware.”

Eric didn’t exactly have his facts straight. Biden’s main residence in a Wilmington suburb is near a lake and his vacation home in the coastal town of Rehoboth, Del., is not on the water.

Perhaps Eric was confusing Biden’s homes with his own father’s actual waterfront home, Mar-a-Lago. There, according to the NY Times report, numerous members have received appointments for ambassadorships and large contracts from federal government as a result of his father’s dual positions as president and their landlord.

Here’s a clip of the interview, courtesy of ABC News.

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