Eric Trump Claims Apple Is Shadow Banning His Wife's New Song

In a Twitter rant, Eric Trump claimed that Apple Music is shadow-banning his wife's new song. 

Few people benefitted from Donald Trump's presidency more than his daughter-in-law Lara. The wife of Eric became an important surrogate for the then-president and often appeared on television. She was later hired as a contributor by Fox News but was let go once Donald Trump announced that he would again run for President. 

Now that she's not on television anymore, Lara is attempting to make money in a different manner. By releasing music. There's an issue though, as she mentions in a tweet, "Hey, @Apple — where is my song??? Why doesn’t my song appear when you search “I Won’t Back Down”???"

Eric also complained, "Breaking: Apple appears to be viscously shadow banning Lara Trump’s new song, which immediately upon release, was 31st on the ITunes charts. Lara’s name, when typed in full, is hardly viable and can only be found below ‘Fake News II.’ The song itself is unsearchable."

There's a clear reason why the song isn't searchable. Tom Petty was not a fan of the Trumps and there is no chance that the family of the musician would authorize a cover of one of his most beloved songs. They, in fact, sent a cease and desist letter to Donald Trump after he used the song at a rally.