Eric Trump Calls Minnesotans To Vote — A Full Week Late

In a tweet sent out Tuesday — that is, Tuesday November 10, a full week after election day, which was Tuesday Novermber 3 — Eric Trump called for Minnesotans to go vote. It’s not clear what exactly happened with the tweet, which was deleted later. Whether there was some software malfunction, or the tweet was scheduled on a third-party app and accidentally set for the wrong day, or Eric intentionally typed and clicked “tweet” on November 10, one thing is clear: the call to vote went out a full week late.

Though it was later deleted, Archive.org has a copy of the page while the tweet was still live, here.

Eric Trump tweets to vote a week late.
[Screenshot via Eric Trump/Twitter/Archive.org]

One thing that is clear from Eric’s Twitter timeline is that he still either believes, or believes that he convince his followers, that there’s still an election win in line for his father. He continues to share tweets suggesting that Trump might still take Arizona, for example.

Continuing to vote after the election is over is one of the things that the Trumps have (without evidence) claimed Democrats would do to cheat, and Eric appearing to call for supporters to do so is striking.

Though the Trump campaign continues to file lawsuits claiming widespread voter fraud, they have to date produced no evidence that supports this. However, Eric has made the claim yet again, sharing a short video clip of Joe Biden, in which he talks about a “voter fraud organization” — something that Fact Check explains, in context, is clearly about an organization to uncover and fight voter fraud.

Trump, like others in the GOP, shared the clip and pretended that it was an admission of carrying out voter fraud, instead.

“It’s all starting to crumble,” he tweeted.

However, experts have assured the public that Donald Trump does not have to concede the election. When votes are certified and electors chosen, the process will go forward with or without the consent of the incumbent.

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