Eric Trump: Bruce Springsteen Can't Pull Half The Crowd My Father Can

Since the 1970s, Donald Trump has specialized in mythmaking about his wealth and success. It has gotten much easier for him over the years. At this point, there is basically nothing he could claim that his supporters wouldn't believe. 

This weekend, Trump had an impressive crowd in Wildwood. It was nowhere near the 100,000 people they were claiming, probably more like 20 or 30 thousand people. Still, the former President and his family are now claiming that he is more popular in New Jersey than Bruce Springsteen. 

Eric Trump appeared on Laura Ingraham's show last night and kept the lie fest going. He told the host, "They wanna take my father down in New York. They wanna do it civilly, they wanna do it criminally, they wanna do it in Georgia, they want to try to do it in Washington, D.C."

Trump continued, "They go to the farthest-left areas of this country, they have radical prosecutors all with one thing in common, they’re all funded by Soros, every single one, and they have a damn mission to go after Donald Trump because he’s winning in every single poll."

The President's son then claimed, "When you see Wildwood on Saturday, where he has 100,000 people show up. 100,000 people. I mean, Bruce Springsteen can’t pull half of that amount!"

Bruce Springsteen, who regularly draws crowds of 80,000 or more, terrifies the Trump family as does Taylor Swift. Bith musicians have supported Joe Biden and Liberal causes in the past and will likely do so again.