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Eric Trump: Biden’s Poor Performance is Making My Family’s 2024 Choice Easy [Video]

Eric Trump: Biden’s Poor Performance is Making My Family’s 2024 Choice Easy [Video]

Since the January 6th insurrection, you see much less of the Trump family on social media. Donald, of course, has been banned by most big services. And his children have certainly toned down their usage after seeing their Dad’s plight.

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That doesn’t mean they don’t appear on television, though. And now you can see them on channels other than Fox. Eric Trump joined Newsmax host Greg Kelly last night. The former president’s son told Kelly that Biden’s poor performance is making his father’s choice to run again in 2024 an easy one.

Talking like his father, Trump said, “A lot of people are saying we made a major mistake.” As always, he didn’t name who these people were.

The former president’s son continued, “There’s a lot of people that are missing Trump. And I think every single day that Biden messes up our nation, I think it further incentivizes my father and frankly our entire family to do it again.”

Trump closed, “I think 2024 is gonna surprise everybody. And listen, he’s making it easy. This guy is making it easy with his incompetence, and we’re gonna walk through that door. I’m telling you, we’re gonna walk through that door.”

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Of course, the choice for Donald and the rest of the family may not be up to them. All of the family is facing legal peril as New York prosecutors investigate their business. And there is also the question of Donald’s health. Without him at the top, no one really cares about the rest of the family.


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