Eric Trump: Axios Couldn’t Keep Up With Father in 2016. Axios Did Not Exist Until 2017

This weekend, Axios published a story that claimed 60% of Donald Trump’s schedule is made up of “Executive Time”. While what executive time exactly means is unknown, most imagine it includes lots of television and social media.

Gage Skidmore

The White House communications team and its surrogates have taken to cable TV to defend the president’s use of time. During a morning appearance on Fox & Friends, Eric Trump claimed that Axios reporters could not keep up with his father on the campaign trail. Axios, however, was not founded until 2017, a full year after Trump’s election.

The president’s son mockingly said:

“Those Axios people, you should have seen them on the campaign trail, where none of the reporters could keep up with my father, who was double their ages. They are drinking Red Bull and Monster Energy drinks sleeping in the corner, while he was doing his 7th rally of the day.”

While this defense might not do the president much good, its not the only one the White House has tried. Kellyanne Conway told reporters it was, “a disgraceful breach of trust.” She also tried to minimize the leak by saying 388 staffers had access to the schedule, so the leaker was most likely a lowly staffer.

However the White House tried to spin this story, it is a very damaging one. The New York Times, Maggie Haberman, wrote, “A White House aide is weaponizing his schedules, which says a lot about how people in the White House feel about the man they work for.”

See the Eric Trump interview here:

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