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Eric Swalwell Is ‘Considering’ A 2020 Presidential Run

Eric Swalwell Is ‘Considering’ A 2020 Presidential Run

Eric Swalwell is “considering” a run at the 2020 Democratic nomination in hopes of facing off against President Donald Trump.

Speaking to reporters on Friday morning, Swallwell said:

“It’s an exciting decision to make and it’s a big decision to make. I do think that though our country’s path forward is through a candidate who can bring new energy, new ideas and new leadership, new confidence to solve these problems.”

Swallwell says he’s currently focused on bringing Congress back under Democratic control in November 2018. As an outspoken critic of the President, Swallwell has made it clear he won’t rest until the President’s policies are brought under control.

Photo Credit: James Morehead

“The four freedoms that Franklin Roosevelt promised all of us is under attack right now. And the best thing that I can do in Congress right now is defend those freedoms but also be a part of the solution to build on those freedoms and expand opportunity,” he said.

If the former prosecutor decides to run he’ll likely face a crowded field that is likely to include Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and former Vice President Joe Biden, although none of those potential candidates have yet to file the paperwork necessary to run for President in 2020.

Swallwell says he welcomes a lot of competition. “We’re going to have 15 to 20 people run, that is probably the best thing about this. I think crowded primaries flush out weaknesses and leaders emerge.”

The representative from California might seem like a longshot but he was the man took down Pete Stark, a 20-term incumbent who represented the East Bay area for 40 years.

Here’s his response to a question about his 2020 Presidential run from CNN’s Poppy Harlow:

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