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Eric Metaxas Promises That a ‘Maniacal Christian’ America Would Be Fun

Eric Metaxas Promises That a ‘Maniacal Christian’ America Would Be Fun

History contains a few epochs in which militant Christianity enjoyed total power and none of them were very good for anyone other than the Pope. So when right-wing conspiracy theorist Eric Metaxas claimed at last month’s Faith & Freedom Coalition conference that an evangelical takeover of the United States would be beneficial for everybody, one could be forgiven for their skepticism. Plus, the outfits would be hideous.


Anyway, Metaxas sanctimoniously proclaimed in a speech that “this nation was founded by Christian people, and the reason we are essentially a Christian nation is because as ‘true Christians,’ we believe we don’t want a theocracy. We want freedom. We want any Atheist, every Jew, every Muslim, anybody to be welcome here because that is at the heart of the Christian faith. We cannot force our faith on anyone. That is idiotic.”

Stew in the irony for a second.

“Many have done it in the past,” Metaxas continued. “There are many radical Muslims trying to force their faith on people right now. There are many radical Atheists in China and North Korea trying to force their faith on people.”

Atheism is – by definition – a lack of faith in a supreme being. It also happens to be based upon reason, but whatever.

“A true Christian says, ‘faith is free.’ Belief in Jesus can never be coerced. It is a gift from God,” Metaxas explained. “So if, if maniacal Christians took control of this country, they would make it safe for everybody else to be a part of this country. So do not fear theocracy, folks.”

Metaxas added that such concerns are a “chimera,” which he mispronounced, as well as a “mirage.”

No thanks.

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