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Eric Metaxas Baselessly Accuses Democrats of Cheating in California Recall Election

Eric Metaxas Baselessly Accuses Democrats of Cheating in California Recall Election

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Eric Metaxas on Tuesday accused Democrats of cheating in last week’s recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom, who defeated Republican challenger Larry Elder in a landslide victory. Metaxas did not provide any evidence to support this allegation.


“California recall election, very hard for me to believe the Democrats didn’t cheat,” Metaxas said on his radio show. “Now here’s the problem. We’re now living in a time – this is why we have to settle what happened in the 2020 election. If you say it’s already been settled, you need to jump in a lake quickly, because honestly, it’s not been settled. Sixty percent of Americans think there was funny business. You cannot have a democracy or a republic, you cannot have America as America when people doubt the election process.”

Most Republican voters believe the 2020 election was rigged, however, the American people by and large do not.

Continuing on, Metaxas then claimed that “there were enough reports of malfeasance in the California election that I can’t say, ‘like oh yeah okay the people chose Gavin Newsom.’ First of all, it would be hard to believe they chose Gavin Newsom because very few people have overreached the way he has. But we need to deal with the 2020 election which is why I am friends with people like [former Trump attorney] Jenna Ellis and [discredited and disgraced My Pillow Chief Executive Officer] Mike Lindell and so many others because they take this seriously.”

And therein lies the problem – individuals addicted to attention continuing to spout falsehoods and propaganda.

“I hope by now most Americans take it seriously that if we don’t deal with what happened, if we don’t deal with the recount in Arizona, in Pennsylvania, and these other places, we can’t go forward,” Metaxas added. “We cannot trust, for example, that Gavin Newsom was not recalled.”

In reality, the only people that are peddling bogus claims about election fraud are members of the GOP and former President Donald Trump. Worse still is the fact that there is no evidence that last November’s contest – or the California recall debacle – was rife with “funny business.” But propagandists like Metaxas nevertheless continue to lie.

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