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Erdogan Says Trump Letter Was Disrespectful

Erdogan Says Trump Letter Was Disrespectful

In early October, Donald Trump sent Tayyip Erdogan a letter warning of repercussions if he was to invade Northern Syria. The letter was latter obtained and shared by Fox’s Trish Regan. The message and the threats were widely mocked as unpresidential.

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The BBC reported that Erdogan was angered by the letter and after reading it, threw the missive in the trash. Today the Turkish President told reporters that Trump’s message showed a lack of respect and it would eventually be dealt with.

According to Erdogan, the letter, “was not in line with diplomatic and political courtesy.” He continued, “We will not forget this lack of respect. This is not a priority for us. But when the time comes we would like it to be known that we will take the necessary steps.”

The Turkish leader was also angered that Trump asked him to meet with Mazloum Kobani. He said of the Kurdish General, “You’re talking about a terror mastermind. This mastermind is talking to President Trump. This agreement is between Turkey and a state and not with a terrorist organisation.”

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Erdogan closed his statements by saying Turkey will keep its end of the ceasefire bargain. “If the US can keep its promise, the issue of safe zone will be resolved,” he said. “If these promises are not kept at the end of 120 hour-period our operation is going to continue where it left off.”

There are reports that Turkey has already broken the ceasefire and resumed their military action in Northern Syria.

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