“Equivalent To Hiding Cocaine In Your Baby’s Diaper” Former Celebrity Apprentice Staffer Dishes On Trump Family Business History

Former Celebrity Apprentice staffer Noel Casler used a portion of his podcast this week to address how Donald Trump’s father made him wealthy, and about the ways that he displayed that wealth while holding onto it tightly, including promising charitable gifts that he never made.

Donald Trump in the main foyer of his Greenwich, Ct. mansion, circa 1987. (Photo by Joe McNally/Getty Images)

In this clip from Noel Casler’s new podcast (full episode here), he discusses how Trump would promise Celebrity Apprentice contestants large donations to their charities, but would fail to follow through, then how Fred Trump made his children wealthy before they were even old enough to start school, and how Donald Trump became involved in tax dodges even before his father’s death.

Casler opines that Fred Trump’s practice of purchasing properties and putting them in his childrens’ names, running them himself but letting his kids reap the profits, is as illegal and sleazy as “hiding cocaine in your baby’s diaper when you’re going through the airport.”

The New York Times reported on this practice in a long-form piece in 2018, covering how Fred Trump transferred wealth to his kids that, if done more directly, might have run up a tax bill over half a billion dollars, and asserting that Donald in particular was instrumental in helping his father dodge taxes.

The Washington Post also verifies Casler’s story of Trump promising charitable gifts that were then either never received, or paid off by someone other than him. Combing through transcripts, they found that Trump had promised gifts from his own pocket — tens of thousands of dollars — to the charities represented by celebrities that were kicked off the show. They couldn’t find a single case in which he’d followed through, instead finding that other entities sometimes paid the debt for him, and in other cases, the charities never received the promised gift at all.

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