Equal Opportunity: Today’s Psaki Bomb Came at the Expense of a CNN Reporter

During a Friday press conference, Jen Psaki skillfully explained the difference between regular air travel and flying on Air Force One to Kaitlin Collins.

Jen Psaki: Trump's intelligence access under review
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
In her first few months as Joe Biden’s secretary, Psaki has regularly gone viral for shutting down gotcha questions. Many of those questions come from Fox News reporters, specifically Peter Doocy. But today, Psaki showed that she is an equal opportunity offender when she took down Collins who works for CNN.

The reporter asked, given (Biden) he is going to be traveling internationally … whether it can be a period where everyday Americans also start resuming that kind of travel.”

The press secretary responded, “Well, I would say I think most Americans would see it as slightly different from the President of the United States – I’m not suggesting you’re saying otherwise – but as a President of the United States making a diplomatic trip, abiding by COVID protocols and flying on Air Force One, than whether it is safe for mass numbers to fly internationally.”

Psaki continued, “Obviously, everybody wants that to be reopened. Europeans, we do, American people who would like to travel. But, you know those conversations are really happening between health and medical experts and they [will] make an evaluation based on what they think is safe for the American public.”

Watch a clip of the exchange below, courtesy of C-SPAN:

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