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Energy Secretary Demolishes Fox News Hypocrisy Over Infrastructure Bill

Energy Secretary Demolishes Fox News Hypocrisy Over Infrastructure Bill

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm defended President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion American Jobs Plan against two Fox News hosts who attempted to accuse Biden of not doing his job during an interview on Tuesday.

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Recall that these are the same anchors who never expressed a single iota of criticism of ex-President Donald Trump’s excessive golf trips.

“Watching and listening to the president yesterday, does it seem like this bill’s getting a haircut already?” asked Bill Hemmer.

“Well you know it’s a great question, Bill, because Congress is not in session so he hasn’t had a chance to sit down face-to-face with the members of Congress, which he will do and a number of us have been doing, at least virtually,” said Granholm.

“But, you know, I think that this bill is reminiscent of a bipartisan bill that was passed in December. It was the Energy Act of 2020 which had enormous bipartisan support and invested in the technologies that will help us win this clean energy future that both sides voted for. So this is really a fulfillment of the downpayment that was made in that Energy Act of 2020,” she continued.

Hemmer then asked Granholm to “concede” that Biden “pulled back a little bit” on Monday.

“Well, I think that he has said from the very beginning that he wants to see compromise. He wants to see this be bipartisan. I hate to see, you know, language on either side that really sticks people without recognizing that there are so many elements that both parties like in this bill and that they have voted for in the past,” Granholm beamed.

“Who doesn’t want America to create the supply chains for our own energy security to have manufacturing in this country? Who doesn’t want to have a safe electric grid? Who doesn’t want to make sure that we are building the technologies of the future and not allowing our economic competitors to eat us for lunch? There’s so much in this bill to like that I hope people don’t take positional arguments, especially since the American people seem to like so much of it,” she added.

Dana Perino then asked Granholm if going big on green jobs has any real viability.

“That’s a great entré to the question I wanted to ask you about,” Perino began.

“In an interview with PBS, you had said that ‘There are many more jobs in this clean energy realm than there have been in the fossil fuel industry itself.’ But in terms of that supply chain, when for example you ask people to go out and find a solar job or green energy job, a lot of those jobs are in China, and traditionally, the jobs in the traditional fossil fuel industry have been here in America. So if we try to push too much, are we giving more jobs to China than we are to our own people?” Perino wondered.

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“This is the perfect question that you have asked!” Granholm exclaimed.

“Because this is why we need to bring manufacturing here. Why are we allowing our economic competitors to take, for example, battery manufacturing for electric vehicles and we’ve got to rely on supply chains elsewhere, whether it’s the critical materials that are in those batteries or the batteries themselves? Why are we standing by the side of the road and allowing China to come in and swoop up all of the manufacturing or solar panels?” she added.

“So are you saying all of the solar panels are going to be made here?” Perino pressed.

“I think solar panels should be made here,” Granholm replied. “Why would we be buying solar panels from a country that has human rights violations? Why wouldn’t we be making them here? Why wouldn’t we be making the supply chain for those solar panels here? It’s insane that we have allowed it. We’ve stood by and watched those jobs go away. This American Jobs Act has a huge investment in our manufacturing and our supply chain. I say this from Michigan. I say this as someone who has seen these jobs go. This is our moment to take it back and create that infrastructure.”

Watch below via Raw Story:

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