End Times Pastor Jim Bakker Asks For Money During COVID-19 Crisis

One industry that is suffering greatly during social distancing is religion. Former PTL leader and End Times pastor Jim Bakker is now asking for money from the faithful to sustain his ministry during these difficult times.

It seems that Bakker’s financial difficulties began after he started promoting a silver solution that allegedly would cure people of the coronavirus.

Right Wing Watch/Twitter

Bakker says that his donations have dried up, but that is not unusual right now. Most people are just trying to survive.

However,  Bakker’s troubles came via a legal avenue, as he was accused of “making false claims” about his cure from the New York Attorney General’s Office. Bakker was also sued by the Missouri Attorney General for “for misrepresentations about the effectiveness of ‘Silver Solution’ as a treatment for 2019 novel coronavirus.”

This all culminated in credit card companies rejecting payments to Bakker. He can, however, accept checks.

He reminded viewers of this on his show as he asked them to help him stay afloat:

“Some of the biggest companies have come against us. Right now, you cannot use a credit card … You can give by check. That’s the only way you can give right now.”

Bakker then reminded his viewers that he needed their checks to remain an active voice:

We were doing so well. For the last few weeks, [the processing companies] have been taking the money and putting it in their own accounts. We have not received money. They think because somebody told a lie about us, so now they’re saying, ‘Well, the people might want their money back, so we’ve got to keep all your money.’ Please stand with us. If people come against us, then it’s going to be impossible for us to stay on the air.”

After this public financial rejection, Bakker said any such accusations about his misinformation and false cures regarding COVID-19 were, quote, “lies.”

Watch the pastor’s proclamations below:

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