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Employees Virtually Walkout On Zuckerberg Over Bowing To Trump

Employees Virtually Walkout On Zuckerberg Over Bowing To Trump

It is being reported by The New York Times that Facebook employees have staged a virtual walkout on Mark Zuckerberg on Monday. The walkout came as a result of the Facebook CEO’s decision to not fact-check President Trump. Twitter made the decision last week to start labeling tweets by Trump that are problematic with disclaimers.


In an interview with Fox News, Zuckerberg openly disagreed with Twitter’s decision. In response, dozens of Zuckerberg’s employees requested time off. The employees are using their time off to support the protests against police brutality. The protests have been raging across the country since the death of George Floyd by a white police officer. The death of the African American man was caught on camera.

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The NYT report says of the walkout, “The movement — a virtual ‘walkout’ of sorts since most Facebook employees are working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic — comes as staff members have circulated petitions and threatened to resign. More than a dozen current and former employees have described the unrest as the most serious challenge to Mr. Zuckerberg’s leadership since the company was founded 15 years ago.”

What seemed to be the last straw for these employees was Zuckerberg’s refusal to do anything about Trump’s post that called for the shooting of looters. Twitter, on the other hand, hid Trump’s tweet for violating its community guidelines.

Facebook engineer Lauren Tan had this to say on Friday via a tweet, “Facebook’s inaction in taking down Trump’s post inciting violence makes me ashamed to work here.” She added, “Silence is complicity.”

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Two “senior” employees threatened Zuckerberg with their resignations if he did not take heavy action against Trump’s violent rhetoric.

The pressure is certainly on Mark Zuckerberg. It will be interesting to see if he does take action, especially, with Facebook set to sponsor the Republic National Convention.

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