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Emojis Are Getting More Inclusive And Conservatives Can’t Take It

Emojis Are Getting More Inclusive And Conservatives Can’t Take It

Have you ever seen someone really overreact to something tiny? In this case, we’re talking about literally tiny — an emoji on the screen of your smartphone. For a lot of users, though, and at least one politician, it’s huge.

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 15: Rep. Mo Brooks (R-GA) speaks at a news conference on the “Fire Fauci Act” on Capitol Hill on June 15, 2021 in Washington, DC. The bill, drafted by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) , states that Dr. Anthony Fauci be removed from his position for allegedly deceiving the American people. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

First, let’s be super-clear that inclusion and representation are always a big deal. So, when a new emoji is released that offers representation for transgender people, it really is big news. This newest emoji, a pregnant man, recognizes the existence of trans men, and that some of them can get pregnant. In a world that’s already shown resistance to de-gendering reproductive care, this is a valuable change.

[Pregnant Man Emojis via Emojipedia]

It’s also more than enough to set off conservatives, like Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL), who found it necessary to let his Twitter followers know he does not recognize the existence of transgender men.

The new emoji set, expected out in September, includes a pregnant man in multiple skin tones, and that’s not all.

Emojipedia also lists “pregnant person” — something that might have upset Brooks and other conservatives even more, since they’re so attached to the idea of gender as a binary.

[Pregnant Person Emoji via Emojipedia]

Brooks isn’t the only one upset at a more inclusive emoji set. Conservative activist Cassandra Fairbanks declared the pregnant man emojis evidence that technology as a whole was a mistake.


A former communications director for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign weighed in, hoping that the pregnant man emoji was actually just a fellow who’d had a big meal of fast food.

Further complaints echoed around Twitter from conservative journalists and activists.

Some even floated an idea to ‘ruin’ the emoji for trans people by getting it associated with the far right and neo-nazis.

Ultimately, no one will ever force Mo Brooks or any other conservative to use this emoji, and it doesn’t have to have any direct impact on their lives — unless they’re really just that unhappy that one little piece of society has moved towards recognizing, acknowledging the existence of, and including, people who are different from them.

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