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Emily Murphy Said to Be “Having a Breakdown” Over Transition Holdup

Emily Murphy Said to Be “Having a Breakdown” Over Transition Holdup

The most notorious woman in America right now is a 46-year-old Trump appointee named Emily Murphy, who is acting more like a petulant child than someone with an important government job. Murphy is solely responsible for holding up the traditional peaceful transition of power, refusing to sign papers that would release $9.9 million to the Biden-Harris transition team. While there have been several dedicated Twitter campaigns to push Murphy to do her job and sign the papers, Murphy has remained stubbornly silent, refusing to speak publicly as to why she’s continuing to act in such a seditious manner even as reports indicate she’s already looking for a new job.

Murphy hasn’t tweeted since November 6th, hyper-aware of what her reputation is now that it’s been made abundantly clear that she is all that stands in the way of the Biden Administration of beginning their real work. Calls t the GSA offices are met with varied responses; Twitter users have reported being hung up on, or redirected to the GSA’s website. But it seems Murphy has been getting the messages, and they’ve begun to take an emotional toll on her.

It was reported on Wednesday that Murphy is “struggling with the weight of the presidential election being dropped on her shoulders”, feeling like she’s been put in a no-win situation, according to people who have spoken to her recently.

This was never a position that Murphy thought she would find herself in, those close to Murphy said. But as the government official in charge of signing off on the election result, Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the election has thrown Murphy into the middle of a political firestorm.

Facing mounting pressure from both sides, and even death threats, the sources say Murphy is working to interpret vague agency guidelines and follow what she sees as precedent to wait to sign off on the election result, a process known as “ascertainment” that would allow the official presidential transition to begin.

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Still, Murphy’s stubborn refusal to do what literally every administration in history has done when they’re about to vacate the White House is one of the more frustrating decisions made since the election, since it’s clear Biden won and Trump’s legal challenges won’t change the outcome. Biden’s team has warned the delay has real-world consequences to national security and their Covid-19 response.

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