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Elon Musk Says Devin Nunes Is Lying About Donald Trump Pushing Him To Buy Twitter

Elon Musk Says Devin Nunes Is Lying About Donald Trump Pushing Him To Buy Twitter

Twitter has been a sore subject for Donald Trump, and for Devin Nunes, who left Congress to serve as the CEO of Trump’s social media company. Now, Nunes is getting called out on a claim that Trump was a driving force behind Elon Musk purchasing the social site that kicked the former president to the curb.

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Donald Trump has been fuming at Twitter since the first time the site upset him by enforcing its terms of use in response to one of his tweets. He had gotten multiple warnings from Twitter for disinformation and other rule violations before he was finally kicked off for his role in the January 6th attack.

Since then, he’s released his own site, and hired Devin Nunes to relentlessly defend it, insisting its a better site than Twitter with more engagement. Now Nunes is claiming that Trump “encouraged Elon Musk to buy” Twitter, suggesting that his team is happy about the purchase, rather than threatened by the competition.

However, when the New York Post reported on Nunes’ claim, Musk gave a firm denial, saying that he’s had no contact with the former president, and also appearing to respond to speculation about the potential to restore Trump’s Twitter account, reiterating Trump’s assertion that he will not return to Twitter.

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Though Musk has reached a deal with Twitter, it will reportedly take months before the sale is finalized and new ownership takes control of the site. Several Republicans who have been banned for breaking the site’s rules have expressed hope that they (and Trump) will have their accounts restored, despite the continued claim that Truth Social is a preferable site.

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