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Elizabeth Warren’s New Plan Would Reopen Misconduct Investigations Into Federal Judges

Elizabeth Warren’s New Plan Would Reopen Misconduct Investigations Into Federal Judges

While Donald Trump has had a controversial Presidency, he has pleased conservatives with the large number of judges he has appointed. These appointments include placing Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaug on the United States Supreme Court.

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Some judges, however, have been accused of misconduct and placed under investigation. Early retirement by those being examined, though, can sometimes end the investigation. Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has a plan to end that practice.

The Massachusetts senator outlined a detailed plan about her attempt to reform judicial misconduct. She wrote, “It’s time to ensure that judges do not hear cases where they have conflicts of interests, strengthen our nation’s ethics rules for judges, and ensure accountability for judges who violate these rules.”

Warren also wants to make sure that cases aren’t dropped when a judge retires or is placed in a different position. “My plan extends the authority of the Judicial Conference to former judges so that individuals under investigation cannot simply resign from the bench to avoid accountability,” she continued. “This provision would allow the judiciary to reopen the investigations into Alex Kozinski, Maryanne Trump-Barry, Brett Kavangaugh and any other judge who benefited from this loophole.”

Each of the federal judges Warren named have been able to skirt an investigation against them. Kozkinki had been accused of sexual misconduct by a number of law clerks. His early retirement stopped the probe.

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Trump-Barry, the sister of the president, had been linked to the family’s alleged tax-fraud schemes. She also ended the inquiry against her by stepping down early.

Controversial justice Brett Kavanaugh had been accused of perjury and sexual assault. Those investigations were dropped when he was elevated to the Supreme Court.

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