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Elizabeth Warren Wins Endorsement of Important Progressive Group

Elizabeth Warren Wins Endorsement of Important Progressive Group

While there were 10 candidates on the debate stage last Thursday, the Democratic nomination race is currently coming down to three candidates. Former Vice President Joe Biden is still leading in most polls with senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren hot on his heels.

WorkiJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesAll of the Democratic candidates will now be seeking endorsements both from prominent individuals as well as liberal groups. This week, the Working Families Party announced that they will be throwing their support behind Elizabeth Warren.

The endorsement is a significant one for the Massachusetts senator as the group had supported Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primaries.

The groups National Director, Maurice Mitchell explained why Warren is now their preferred candidate. He wrote, “Senator Warren strikes fear into the hearts of the robber barons who rigged the system, and offers hope to millions of working people who have been shut out of our democracy and economy. Our job now is to help Senator Warren build the mass movement that will make her transformational plans a reality.”

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While the Working Families Party also noted that while Warren is their preferred candidate, they are still high on Bernie Sanders. Mitchell continued, “Senator Warren and Senator Sanders have both shaped the ideological terrain on which this campaign is being waged. They have proven an effective team on debate stages and in the polls, and we hope that partnership continues. We’re proud to call both of them allies in the fight for a more just America.”

You can read the organizations full endorsement of Warren here

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