Elizabeth Warren Slams Jeff Bezos Over Space Tourism Trip, Calls for a Wealth Tax

The COVID-19 pandemic was financially devastating for millions of Americans. As many individuals struggled to find work, small businesses around the country closed. There were stimulus payments and loans, but it just wasn’t enough for some.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Others, mainly the richest people in the country, thrived during the pandemic. Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon was one of these people. In 2020, Bezos saw his fortune grow by over $63 billion.

Last week, the Amazon founder took a 3 minute trip into space. Senator and financial crusader Elizabeth Warren blasted the stunt, slamming Bezos for showing off his wealth.

The Massachusetts Democrat took to Twitter writing, “The richest guy on Earth can launch himself into space while over half the country lives paycheck to paycheck, nearly 43 million are saddled with student debt, and child care costs force millions out of work. He can afford to pitch in so everyone else gets a chance.”

Warren continued, “Billionaires who can afford to take a 10-minute joyride to outer space can afford to pay a wealth tax here on Earth.”

Bezos, oblivious to the criticism about his vanity flight, told reporters, “The most profound piece of it, for me, was looking out at the Earth, and looking at the Earth’s atmosphere.”



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