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Elizabeth Warren Discloses Years of Financial Information

Elizabeth Warren Discloses Years of Financial Information

The many Democratic candidates chasing the 2020 nomination have hammered each other on a number of different issues. One of the key issues is how each candidate made their money and how their campaigns are being funded.

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Elizabeth Warren has been pressing fellow candidate Pete Buttigieg to explain more about his work for consulting firm McKinsey. The South Bend Mayor hit back by saying the Massachusetts senator should disclose financial information from her work as a lawyer. On Sunday night, Warren did just that, saying that she made close to $2 million in her private legal work since 1986.

Warren not only criticized Buttigieg for his lack of transparency with McKinsey, she also wants to know who his donors are. She said earlier this week, “The mayor should be releasing who’s on his finance committee, who are the bundlers who are raising big money for him, who he’s given titles to and made promises to.”

Buttigieg’s campaign manager, Lis Smith, hit back at Warren, saying she needs to be transparent about her days as a lawyer. Smith tweeted, “Our next nominee must be able to go toe to toe with Donald Trump on financial transparency. Releasing tax returns is a standard practice- she should match Pete Buttigieg’s transparency and release her tax returns going back through her years as corporate lawyer.”

While Warren has not issued tax returns from those years, she has revealed detailed financial info. The senator gave information on 33 years as a lawyer with the compensation for he work totaling $1.97 million.

It is likely she will appeal to Buttigieg to disclose more information about his time at McKinsey.

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