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Elise Stefanik’s Hometown Paper Rips Her Recent Racist Ad

Elise Stefanik’s Hometown Paper Rips Her Recent Racist Ad

There was a time when Elise Sefanik seemed like she may be the next Republican star. She still might be, but for profoundly different reasons.

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When the New York congresswoman was first elected to office at the age of 30, she was considered a moderate. Today she is one of the Trumpiest members of the GOP.

And in an attempt to retain those Trump bonafides, Stefanik recently introduced a new ad featuring the racist replacement theory. And in response, her hometown newspaper, the Albany Times Union, ripped her a new one.

The editorial board noted:

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“Ms. Stefanik isn’t so brazen as to use the slogans themselves; rather, she couches the hate in alarmist anti-immigrant rhetoric that’s become standard fare for the party of Donald Trump. And she doesn’t quite attack immigrants directly; instead, she alleges that Democrats are looking to grant citizenship to undocumented immigrants in order to gain a permanent liberal majority, or, as she calls it, a ‘permanent election insurrection.’ Quite a choice of words, of course, considering that the country is still suffering the aftershocks of the Jan. 6 insurrection in Washington by supporters of Mr. Trump who tried to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.”

You can read the full piece here

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