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Elijah Cummings Wants Michael Cohen to Appear Before House Oversight Committee

Elijah Cummings Wants Michael Cohen to Appear Before House Oversight Committee

When they take control of both the House Oversight Committee and the House Intelligence Committee, Democrats will be interested in talking to a number of figures associated with Donald Trump. Today, Elijah Cummings, who will head the House Oversight Committee, said he would like to speak with Michael Cohen.

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Cohen’s tumultuous week culminated with him being sentenced to three years in prison. While he testified against the president, he did so to the Southern District of New York’s court rather than the FBI.

Cummings told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “I certainly would like to see him come in the month of January.” Ideally the committee would speak to Cohen before he begins his prison sentence.

The future head of the House Oversight Committee see’s parallels between Cohen and former Nixon lawyer, John Dean. Dean testified against Nixon in 1974.

Cummings continued, “I think this is a watershed moment. Mr. Cohen should come forward and let us know what he has on his mind.”

The House Oversight Committee is not alone in their desire to speak with Cohen. The House Intelligence Committee would like to have him come in as well.

Adam Schiff, who will head the Intelligence Committee, said, “We are very eager to have him come and testify.”

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Much of what Cohen told the SDNY is not available to the public. If he were to testify, Americans may get a better idea of what he allegedly did at Donald Trump’s behest.

Trump spent this morning attacking Cohen for “flipping” on him. He ranted on his twitter account, “Remember, Michael Cohen only became a “Rat” after the FBI did something which was absolutely unthinkable & unheard of until the Witch Hunt was illegally started.”

With many other hearings planned, this looks to be a very long year for President Donald Trump.

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