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Elie Honig: It’s Not Close, Trump Will Get Blown Out in 1/6 Court Case [VIDEO]

Elie Honig: It’s Not Close, Trump Will Get Blown Out in 1/6 Court Case [VIDEO]

Now that Donald Trump is out of the White House, he is no longer protected from lawsuits. And it is not going well for him. He is facing legal jeopardy in both Georgia and New York City. The House of Representatives is also investigating the former President’s involvement in the 1/6 insurrection.

Trump is desperate to keep his documents out of the hands of investigators. So desperate that he has sued and claimed executive privilege. According to Elie Honig, that’s not going to work. In fact, the legal analyst says that Trump will get blown out in court.

“You’ve gone through these new filings,” CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked. “How strong are the arguments?”

“Poppy, the stakes here are enormous,” replied Honig. “That said, it doesn’t mean this is a close case. This is a legal blowout in favor of the committee and against Donald Trump. We’ve already had rulings in favor of the committee from the federal district court and unanimous three-judge panel on the court of appeals. The arguments that got made in today’s brief were the same ones that won below.”

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The analyst continued:

“The committee says, look, we’re Congress, we know whether we have a legitimate legislative purpose. We are looking at changing various laws. Trump doesn’t have any comeback other than, ‘We don’t believe them, we think they have bad motives.’ That is not going to carry the day legally.”

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