Elector For Kanye West Is Also A Donald Trump Delegate

An elector for Kanye West in Vermont was also picked as a delegate for Donald Trump for the Republican National Convention this year. When asked about these connections, he hung up on the reporter. He’s currently slated to represent Donald Trump as the Republican nominee in August. but Kanye West as president in November.

Kanye West elecor also a trump dleegate
[Photo by Rich Fury/VF20/Getty Images for Vanity Fair]

Three electors were named in Kanye West’s Monday filing with the Vermont Secretary of State. If West won in Vermont, these three would be the ones to cast the official votes for him in the electoral college. One of these three was Chuck Wilton. He told Ben Jacobs, for NY Mag, that he’d signed up because he was interested in “alternatives to [Trump]” and because he felt like Kanye’s politics were in line with his own.

Feeling that the elector was being ‘cagey’ about his reasons, Jacobs discovered that he’s also a delegate for Trump to the RNC later this month. (A full explanation of delegates can be found here at The Well, but in short, the delegates are picked by each state and determine who gets the nomination for their party’s presidential candidate.)

When asked whether he will serve as both a delegate supporting Trump’s nomination, and an elector serving West’s campaign, Jacobs says that Wilton quickly ended the conversation.

West’s campaign was always a long shot — as W Magazine explained last month, he had only a short time to meet minimum requirements, and had already missed deadlines to be on ballots in Indiana, Maine, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina and Texas — representing nearly 1/5 of all the available electoral votes. Even without that hurdle, anyone running outside the two major parties tends to get a vanishingly small minority of votes.

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