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Edward Snowden Describes Trump as a Man Who Pays for Love

Edward Snowden Describes Trump as a Man Who Pays for Love

Edward Snowden is, perhaps, the most famous whistleblower in the history of American politics. While working for the CIA in 2013, Snowden leaked highly classified information concerning the NSA’s surveillance programs.The United States charged Snowden with espionage and he is now living in Russia as a an exile.

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The famous whistleblower is now trying to move on with his life and has recently penned a book about his experiences. During an interview with Brian Williams to promote the book, Snowden referred to Trump as a man who has never experienced real love.

Snowden told NBC’s Brian Williams that Trump was a simple man to understand. He continued, “Donald Trump strikes me like nothing so much as a man who has never really known a love that he hasn’t had to pay for. And so everything that he does is informed by a kind of transactionalism.”

The former CIA worker feels that a lot of Trump actions are driven by a desire to be liked. He told Williams, “I think and what he’s actually looking for is simply for people to like him. Unfortunately that produces a lot of negative effects.”

Snowden is hoping to escape his exile on Russia. With his recent comments on Trump, it is unlikely that he will be welcomed to the United States with open arms.

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The whistle-blower could be looking to another country to take him in from the cold. He hinted that he hopes France’s Emmanuel Macron would let him in the country. Snowden said on France’s Inter Radio, “It’s not about France, it’s about Europe, it’s about the world and the system that we have. Protecting whistleblowers is not a hostile act. Welcoming someone like me is not an attack on the United States.”


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