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Editorial Board Spanks Josh Hawley for Demanding POTUS, Top Cabinet Officials Resign Over Afghanistan

Editorial Board Spanks Josh Hawley for Demanding POTUS, Top Cabinet Officials Resign Over Afghanistan

Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri on Tuesday repeated his call for President Joe Biden to resign following the military chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. Hawley made the same demand last month, however, this time he wants Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan to quit as well.

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“This president is a disgrace,” Hawley said in a speech on the Senate floor. “He had dishonored this country with his shameful leadership in this crisis. And it is time for him to resign.”

Watch Hawley’s full speech below:

Thus, just like it did in August, The Kansas City Star‘s Editorial Board once again laid waste to Hawley and his “theatrics,” writing in a searing op-ed that his “desire to overthrow the people’s choice for president has not abated.”

Hawley infamously stood in solidarity with the frothing mob that former President Donald Trump deployed to overthrow the federal government on January 6th.

Hawley “desperately wants us to forget: He was an enthusiastic supporter of abandoning Afghanistan — not on Aug. 30, when the final troops departed, but months earlier, in May,” the Star noted. “Apparently, Hawley’s imitation of a peacenik has a sell-by date, which is whenever the Missouri Republican decides there are partisan points to be made.”

The Board then asked rhetorically, “Does Josh Hawley, or anyone, think a withdrawal on May 1 would have been more successful or orderly than the one in August? No. Would Trump have done better? The idea is laughable. Hawley’s speech was a classic exercise in second-guessing, by a man who sided with treasonous rioters two weeks before Biden’s inauguration. It’s the way all cowards operate: Sound brave, from a distance, then head for the bunker when trouble erupts,” it said.

Hawley “might have enlisted,” the Star continued. “He did not. Every soldier who served in Afghanistan had more courage than Josh Hawley will ever show, or know.”

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Hawley also threatened to block State and Defense Department nominees unless Austin, Blinken, and Sullivan step down, “not over the kind of corruption that was endemic in the last administration, of course, but because he says so,” the Star wrote.

“Missourians should never forget Hawley’s attempt to put his own ambition ahead of the security of the United States,” the paper added, calling upon the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol to “deeply investigate Hawley’s role in the events of that awful day. When our democracy itself was under attack, he stood with those attempting to bring it down.”

Read the full editorial here.

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