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E Jean Carroll’s Lawyer Obtains ‘Apprentice’ Outtakes

E Jean Carroll’s Lawyer Obtains ‘Apprentice’ Outtakes

Lordy, there are tapes!

Tapes of outtakes from Trump’s reality show, “The Apprentice”, that is. Tapes of outtakes that reveal his usage of racist and misogynist language, as well as other moments that might have negatively impacted his 2016 campaign had they been publicly released ahead of the election. Tapes his legal team has tried for years to keep suppressed, even as they were an open public secret thanks to regular tweets from people in the know like Tom Arnold, and a former “Apprentice” employee, Noel Casler.

Photo of E. Jean Carroll by Boam Galai/Getty Images; photo of Pres. Donald Trump by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

And now Robbie Kaplan, the lawyer representing E. Jean Carroll, has finally obtained the tapes after months of legal battles.

Carroll is but one of the many women credibly accusing Trump of rape or other sexual assault; her series “I Moved On Her Very Heavily” in The Atlantic is a must-read for anyone even casually following politics. Carroll humorously chats with her fellow Trump accusers, but her signature acerbic tone never downplays the gravity of their common experiences. However, Carroll has something the others do not: a dress with Trump’s DNA, which has scared him so badly, he’s brought in the Department of Justice as his personal legal team to fight Carroll, all but signaling his guilt to the world.

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No release for the Apprentice Tapes had been announced yet, but it’s likely that the public will have a chance to hear and see them now that the election has been called for Joe Biden.

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