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Dream On: Mike Lindell Expects to Grand Marshal Donald Trump’s Inaugural Parade

Dream On: Mike Lindell Expects to Grand Marshal Donald Trump’s Inaugural Parade

Donald Trump is not going to be magically reinstated as president of the United States – not this year, not next year, not ever – yet his most fervent flunkies are nevertheless planning for it anyway. And it really is a marvel to behold.

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On Thursday, Mike Lindell, the ignominious MyPillow CEO said during an appearance on the right-wing propaganda network Real America’s Voice that he is overseeing and taking on the role of grand marshal in Trump’s inaugural parade – in August of 2021. Or maybe another month. But definitely this year.

“So, you’re gonna be the team, you’re gonna do the parade, you’re gonna do all of it?” asked host Steve Bannon, Trump’s former senior White House adviser.

“Absolutely. Jim Acosta just called me yesterday. He goes, Mike, are you talking later in the year? I say no, Jim, it’s still August.  You know, it might be a little bit later if it has to be because we may have to show up to this cyber-symposium, Jim,” Lindell replied.

“And I told Jim Acosta, I told him, I’m doing – we’re doing this for you, for your children, your grandchildren, so you can be a journalist. What else you gonna do?” he continued. “I did give him credit. I said Jim at least you’re calling me and talking to me about stuff, unlike Fox.”

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Lindell added that Acosta did not indicate whether CNN will “show up for the inauguration,” although it would not be absolutely amazing to watch Lindell prance down Pennsylvania Avenue by himself on behalf of Trump?

Watch below:

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