Dr. Oz Tells Hannity 2-3% Of Kids Dying Might Be Acceptable Trade-Off For Opening Schools

What’s the cost of opening schools too soon? Is it an acceptable trade-off? Dr. Mehmet Oz appeared on Sean Hannity’s news & opinion show to respond.

[Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage]

In the clip below, Hannity asks Dr. Oz for help responding to the pandemic, showing a clip of partying crowds that have been criticized as a dangerous risk. This is still widely debated, with discussions of safety measures, social distancing, limited classroom time with extra sanitization, and the possibility of continued distance learning where that seems safest.

“First, we need our mojo back,” he says. Let’s start with things that are really critical to the nation where we think we might be able to open without getting into a lot of trouble.”

He goes on to describe an article he read “arguing that opening schools may only cost us 2-3% in terms of total mortality.” Dr. Oz justifies this, “Any life lost is a life lost, but to get every child back into a school where they’re safely being educated, being fed, and making the most out of their lives…that might be a tradeoff some folks would consider.”

Dr. Oz, who rose to fame as a guest on the Oprah show has been criticized for pushing unresearched and unproven medical advice before. The New York Post reports currently, in fact, that there’s a petition to keep him from replacing the late Alex Trebek as the host of Jeopardy, because of concerns about his promotion of dangerous pseudoscience including gay conversion therapy and, most recently, hydroxychloroquine as a treatment or preventative for COVID-19.

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