Dr. Oz Doesn’t Think Trump’s Easter Recovery Date is Realistic

2020 will feature one of the earlier Easters in recent memory. The holiday will take place on April 12th. And today, Donald Trump announced that he would like the economy to be back up and running by that date.

Via David Berkowitz Flickr

The goal was seen as incredibly ambitious by many people both in the medical field and the media. This includes Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has recently been appearing as a medical expert on the Fox News. During an appearance on the network today, the Doctor explained why that date doesn’t exactly seem realistic.

When asked for his opinion on Trump’s aggressive goal, Oz answered, “A good surgeon knows after the surgery when his patient can be discharged, and these 15 days are like a big operation on America. But a great surgeon knows when there’s a complication after discharge, so if we can meet the goal of fixing America and getting it back on its feet by Easter, I’d love to know exactly how you’d know that is safe from a medical perspective.”

The popular daytime host continued by asking, “What’s gonna indicate that we might have to pull back a tiny bit in case we have a relapse?”


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