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Dr. Fauci Schools Fox & Friends For Their Support Of Snake Oil Salesmen Dr. Oz

Dr. Fauci Schools Fox & Friends For Their Support Of Snake Oil Salesmen Dr. Oz

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the very lonely voice of reason and competence in the White House, schooled President Donald Trump’s sycophants on “Fox & Friends” for promoting the hilariously unproven studies cited by known quack Dr. Oz.

Fauci, a brilliant and serious man who’s forced to serve under the most criminally incompetent and stupid administration in history whilst guiding a fearful nation, appeared on Trump’s favorite TV-time-hour “Fox & Friends” to set the record straight on a lot of phony advice on treating COVID-19.

Dr. Fauci addressed claims made by professional quack Dr. Oz that hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug touted by many in right-wing news as a miracle solution to COVID-19, isn’t a more widespread practice by physicians. Steve Doocy apparently showed a clip of Dr. Oz, asking Fauci what he thinks of a Chinese study which claims that the drug is responsible for a “statistically significant improvement in recovery from fever, from cough, and in pneumonia as well.”

“Yeah, you want my response to that? So, that was not a very robust study. It is still possible that there is a beneficial effect, but the study that was just quoted, on a scale of strength of evidence that’s not overwhelmingly strong,” said Fauci.

Although drug in question has proven to be therapeutic in some cases, a small trial found that hydroxychloroquine is not effective for treating coronavirus.

“We don’t operate on how you feel. We operate on what evidence is and data is,” said Fauci.

Watch the full exchange below:

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