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Dr. Fauci on Trump: “Often the Recommendation is Taken, Sometimes It’s Not”

Dr. Fauci on Trump: “Often the Recommendation is Taken, Sometimes It’s Not”

Donald Trump’s COVID-19 press conferences have been starkly different from those of governors like Andrew Cuomo of New York or Gavin Newsome. The most reassuring part of the White House pressers has been the medical advice given by renowned immunologist Anthony Fauci.

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Fauci, unlike Surgeon General Jerome Adams, has been willing to break with the President when he says something off base. The Doctor did so again on Sunday, when he told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he can’t force his recommendations to be taken.

According to a New York Times report, the immunologist told the White House to begin mitigation efforts as far back as February 21st. The Doctor as asked by Tapper why the Trump administration took nearly a month to announce guidelines.

“We look at it from a pure health standpoint,” he answered. “We make a recommendation. Often the recommendation is taken, sometime it’s not.”

The Doctor was also asked if earlier mitigation efforts could have saved American lives. Fauci responded, “Obviously you can logically say if you had a process that was ongoing and you started mitigation earlier you could have saved lives. Obviously no one is going to deny that.”

The President has yet to comment on Fauci’s interview.


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