Dr. Anthony Fauci To Testify Before Congress After Trump Derision On Safety Measures

President Donald Trump’s interactions with Dr. Anthony Fauci have been a mixed bag, with Trump recently deriding the infectious disease expert’s concerns about professional sports during the pandemic. Now Fauci and other experts are preparing to appear before a House committee and testify about the possibilities of a vaccine, as well as other measures that the government should implement to help protect the populace.

Anthony Fauci to testify
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that Fauci, who has not participated in a public appearance in over a month, will return to Capitol Hill to participate in a Congressional hearing before a House committee. He has warned that it is not time for the U.S. to try to reopen the economy, and states that are doing so are already seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases.

Donald Trump recently criticized Fauci’s concerns for professional sports, tweeting that he told the physician and public health expert to stay out of the NFL’s business.

Fauci responded to this on Monday, according to Bloomberg, saying that he only offered advice to NFL officials after being asked for it, and that “they are a very competent group of people and they will make up their own minds.”

The president of the United States complained Tuesday, saying that Fauci is given a high approval rating, and that the “fake news” is failing to give sufficient credit to the Trump administration.

Experts are expected to testify at the hearing about safety measures, including testing and social distancing. Notably, Trump has recently said that he’s asked officials to slow the testing down, and has made screening at press conferences optional and removed testing sites.

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