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‘Dour, Unsmiling’ Mitch McConnell Laughed at Donald Trump’s Tuesday Meltdown Over Impeachment Trial

‘Dour, Unsmiling’ Mitch McConnell Laughed at Donald Trump’s Tuesday Meltdown Over Impeachment Trial

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) laughed at ex-President Donald Trump’s scathing Tuesday statement and has no plans to engage the disgraced former commander in chief.

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“Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican Senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again. He will never do what needs to be done, or what is right for our Country,” Trump wrote in a rambling, unprovoked, racist press release.

Speaking with CNN host Wolf Blitzer, Manu Raju reported on Wednesday that after four years of Trumpism, McConnell is focused on putting the Humpty Dumpty GOP back together:

Mitch McConnell actually laughed about Donald Trump’s statement when he first saw it yesterday, this according to a source familiar with the matter – the statement, of course, lashing out at Mitch McConnell in the aftermath of the impeachment trial. But Mitch McConnell has no plans to respond. In fact, I’m told by multiple sources that he plans to ignore Donald Trump altogether as he tries to navigate the post-Trump era.

McConnell let Trump off the hook for inciting an insurrection even though the evidence of Trump’s guilt was overwhelming:

The back and forth started voted to acquit Donald Trump and he did so on consitutional grounds and later went to the floor of the Senate and lambasted the former president, saying he was ‘morally and practically responsible’ for what happened on January 6th, the deadly riot that occurred on Capitol Hill. Then he later wrote an op-ed for ‘The Wall Street Journal’ doubling-down on the contention that Donald Trump is responsible for what happened, later prompting Donald Trump to lay out that blistering attack, personal attack going after Mitch McConnell, and I’m told riddled with falsehoods including claiming that Mitch McConnell ‘begged’ for Donald Trump’s endorsement in his reelection bid last year that later according to Donald Trump led to McConnell jumping in the polls. I’m told by multiple sources that in fact Donald Trump was presented with polling last year in the White House showing that Mitch McConnell was handedly ahead in his reelection bid.

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But nevertheless Mitch McConnell is making clear privately that he does not want to get into a back and forth with Donald Trump. Instead he wants to focus squarely on Republicans who can win key Senate races in primaries and focus on targeting the Biden agenda, believing that that can unify Republicans going forward.

But Wolf, there is a problem. Donald Trump has said that he plans to engage himself in Senate primaries, push candidates who he believes could win. That could set up a clash between McConnell and his high-spending super PAC, and Donald Trump, who is trying to push people who are in his mold. Also Wolf, McConnell’s approach differs sharply from the House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy [CA}, who went down to Mar-a-Lago in the aftermath of the riot, got into Donald Trump’s good graces, claimed that they would be unified to take back the House. All showing the divide in the party in how to deal with Trump now that he’s out of office.

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