Donny Deutsch: When Will GOP Voters Realize That Donald Trump is a Loser?

The GOP has thrown all their support behind the former President even though he cost them the presidency, house and senate.

Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

There are a few Republican lawmakers that want to extricate Donald Trump from their party. They are in the heavy minority, though. Liz Cheney is currently being punished for her vote to impeach Trump as the party is looking to strip her of her leadership position.

Last night, Lindsey Graham outlined the feeling in the modern GOP. He told Sean Hannity that the party can’t grow without Trump. The hosts of Morning Joe discussed Graham’s comments on Friday.

Mika Brzezinski read a recent quote from pollster Frank Luntz, “Donald Trump single-handedly may cause people not to vote and he may be the greatest tool in the Democrats arsenal to keep control of the house and Senate in 2022.”

Donny Deutsch then jumped in, “It will take a cycle or two [before the GOP recovers from the damage of Trump].” He continued, “But I want to say again to the Republicans watching, Donald Trump is a losing proposition.Those images that we were playing of people storming the Capitol, that’s all you have to say about Donald Trump.”

The panelist then dropped the hammer. “So what is so insane about the Republicans — and by the way he will be indicted between now and the next election — he is unelectable,” said Deutsch. “Donald Trump is unelectable. You are fools. Forget right or wrong, you are losers with Donald Trump. Get that in your thick, dumb, skulls.”


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