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Donny Deutsch: Trump’s Campaign all About Racism

Donny Deutsch: Trump’s Campaign all About Racism

There was a point in time when Donald Trump and MSNBC Contributor Donny Deutsch were very close friends. That time, of course, was when both of the millionaires were Democrats enjoying life in New York City.

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As a contributor to Morning Joe, Deutsch now regularly hammers the President using his long relationship with the man to add special insight. Tuesday afternoon on Nicolle Wallace’s show, the pundit delivered his harshest criticism to Trump yet. According to Deutsch, Trump’s appeal is “all about racism.”

The rant began while Wallace and Deutsch discussed Trump’s recent polling issues. The pundit told the host:

“I want to caution everybody about these polls. When I see polls that says Elizabeth Warren beating or even with Donald Trump in Texas, I say, “No.” I love Elizabeth Warren, that’s just not true. You know it, I know it. To me, more than ever, the first time around in the polls we missed by a few points because people were guilty about admitting they were voting for Trump.”

Deutsch continued his statement by telling Wallace what he thought the President’s true message was,

“They’re MORE guilty now. If you really think about this, think about the way polls are conducted. And, particularly because I believe it’s all about racism, Make America Great Again was Make America White Again, and he keeps going down and down. Think about it. A stranger called you up and now you’re basically endorsing this behavior. I think these polls are probably less accurate than any polls in the history of polling. Doesn’t mean he’s in trouble but not to this extent.”

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You can watch the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC and Crooks and Liars


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