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Donny Deutsch to Republicans: “Trump Cult” Will Destroy you in 2022 Mid-Terms [VIDEO]

Donny Deutsch to Republicans: “Trump Cult” Will Destroy you in 2022 Mid-Terms [VIDEO]

It is essential for political parties to have a big tent. In order to win races, candidates have to lure voters who may not agree with 100% of their platform.

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In Donald Trump’s Republican party, however, there is no room for disagreement. And Trump’s behavior has turned off a large number of traditional Republican voters, especially in the suburbs. MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch is predicting that it is about to get much worse in 2022.

The Morning Joe contributor said on Monday morning, “They [the Republican Party] have to wait for a couple of L’s, a couple of losses. These guys, it’s simple, they want to keep their jobs. As we know, 20 percent of the fringe in the party votes in primaries and they’ll get primaried out. Trump at this point is almost a concept, not a person.”

The marketing guru continued, “You know what Trump tweeted out over the weekend? Happy Father’s Day to the losers, to the RINOs losers — this is what their fearless leader is tweeting out. There is no concept, there are no issues.”

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Deutsch closed his comments:

“Until there is a cycle or two of losing, although they are set up to win in 2022, the Republicans, I do believe as long as the Democrats do not go anywhere near defund the police, there might be a break in history and there might be a change in the midterms. Because there is nowhere to go and the suburban Republicans who moved to Biden will stay there. I think the answer is there has to be another cycle or two of losing until the Republicans, or any semblance of the Republican Party, can raise their heads again.”

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