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Donny Deutsch: Republican Voters Realizing They Can’t Win With Trump [VIDEO]

Donny Deutsch: Republican Voters Realizing They Can’t Win With Trump [VIDEO]

Donald Trump has been desperate to stay at the head of the Republican party. And during his first year in office, it seemed like the GOP was happy to have him there. Lindsey Graham even threatened Mitch McConnell that he wouldn’t support him as leader if he didn’t have a good relationship with Trump.

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Over the last few weeks, though, Trump’s grip on the party seems to be slipping away. He even got in a bit of a tiff with Graham, normally his number one sycophant. During a Monday segment on MSNBC, Donny Deutsch opined that Trump is just now realizing that there’s no future for him.

Deutsch began, “You know, most people that are inside his psyche know he has always been more afraid of losing than winning, that to be a loser is the worst thing in the world. You know, it was drilled from his father from the time he was born. There are killers, and there are losers in this world. Obviously, you talked. Also, he has already been a three-time loser. If you were going to put a gun to my head — I don’t know if that’s a politically correct thing to say anymore, as I apologize.”

The MSNBC contributor continued:

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“I actually think he doesn’t run. I think he wants to run but not to be president. He seems older lately. He seems — and I think that we’re just, as you talked, we’re starting to see the cracks. I think the Glenn Youngkins of the party showed where there’s an alternative way to go, and I think a lot of Republican voters know in a general election he is a losing proposition. So, you know, my gut tells me he is playing. If I was a betting man I would say he does not run again.I know it’s not the consensus, that’s just my gut.”

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