Donny Deutsch Goes Over the Moment the 'Woke Movement' Officially Jumped the Shark [VIDEO]

The topic of wokeness is extraordinarily important to the Conservative movement. During his speeches, Ron DeSantis has been known the use the word several times in the span of just 30 seconds. 

The MAGA world is telling voters that this is the most important topic of the times. But voters don't seem to care. In fact, according to a survey taken by USA Today/Ipsos, 56% of Americans find woke to be a positive term. 

The panel of Morning Joe discussed the GOP's obsession with the word on their Monday morning show. Joe Scarborough began, "You have the head of Berkley Law School, Yale Law School, Stanford Law School going, 'Hold on, hold on, we're not going to let these woke mobs get in the way of free speech.' They're saying it at the most elite law schools in America, so common-sense Americans are going, 'Okay, there may still be a problem, but they're working on it,' and yet these Republicans are all acting like it's 2019, 2020 and they just keep freaking out. Well, Joe Biden is talking about job training and signing bipartisan bills."

Donny Deutsch then weighed in:

"The 'woke' movement officially jumped the shark. Joe, you touched on this earlier with the Chick-fil-A move. Right-wing company, I don't say that negatively, very family values, closed on Sundays, the head of the -- [company chairman] Dan Cathy came out against same-sex marriages. They're very conservative. Now, all of a sudden -- you're right, very conservative, obviously a great company, and they came under fire they have a DEI initiative, diversity, coming under fire from right-wing groups. That's the official moment that 'woke' officially jumped the shark and put Fonzie on skis in Honolulu.