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Donald Trump’s Worst Conflicts Of Interests As President

Donald Trump’s Worst Conflicts Of Interests As President

India And A “True Friend” To Trump International


Shortly before getting elected, Trump said: “The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House.” Indeed, just a few weeks after Trump won the presidency, some of his Indian business partners flew to the US specifically to congratulate Trump and discuss upcoming US-India relations.

NY Times

The Dominican Republic And A Revived Project


Again, despite his campaign promise of “no new deals” while in the White House, the Trump Organization revived a dead project in the Dominican Republic. The developers of a beachfront community crowed, “It was excellent to receive Eric Trump again… This relationship remains incredibly strong, especially with Eric, who has led the project since its inception. ”

Cap Cana

Brazil and Beachfront Property

Sky Scraper Citiy

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A beachfront Rio de Janeiro Trump Hotel was the subject of a federal inquiry. Two Brazilian pension funds invested heavily in the proposed project. Amidst allegations of bribery & a threatened investigation into corruption in Brazilian pension funds, the Trump Organization quietly canceled the project in December.

Trump spokeswoman Christine Lin said, “The decision was made because the project was behind schedule.” Surprisingly, Lin refused to answer any follow-up questions on whether the investigation prompted the decision. NY Times

Despite these many, many conflicts of interest, Trump and his family continue to dodge the consequences of breaking the law while earning hundreds of millions of dollars.

For the Trumps, it certainly pays to be in charge of this Red State Disaster!

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