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Donald Trump’s Worst Conflicts Of Interests As President

Donald Trump’s Worst Conflicts Of Interests As President

As Donald Trump’s fourth month of presidency limps to a close, more attention is being paid to his conflicts of interest.

So far the Commander in Chief has been able to lamely talk his way around these conflicts, but there is growing pressure to make Trump take the necessary steps to distance himself from his businesses while in office.

At the request of two Democrats — Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland — the Government Accountability Office is reviewing the conduct of Trump’s transition to the presidency.

Since we aren’t holding our breath that action will be taken, here’s a rundown of Trumpy’s worst conflicts of interest.

Dakota Access Pipeline And Earnings To Be Made!


Within three days of taking the highest office in the land, Trump signed an executive order reviving the construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines. Where’s the conflict, you ask? According to Trump’s Public Financial Disclosure Report, he has investments valued between $500,000 and $1 million in Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners, whose subsidiary, Dakota Access, just happens to be building the four-state oil pipeline.

ABC News

Trump International And A Hotel DC Lease Violation

Trump Hotels

The Trump Organization leases the Old Post Office Building in Washington, DC from the General Services Administration of the US government for Trump International Hotel. As both landlord and tenant of this building, Trump is in direct violation of the lease, which bars any federal employee from benefitting from contracts with the government. Meanwhile, Trump hotel has already been pitched to foreign diplomats as a great place to stay in order to “build ties with the current administration.”

Washington Post

Foreign Holdings (Yes, That Includes Russia)


As of mid-2016, Trump had investments & owned companies in over 20 countries. Richard Painter, President Bush’s former chief ethics lawyer, says this puts him in direct violation of the US Constitution’s emolument clause. “I don’t see how the Electoral College can vote for someone to become president who’s going to be in violation of the Constitution on Day 1, and hasn’t assured us he’s not in violation,” Painter said.


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National Labor Relations Board And A Violation Of the Worker’s Union

Workplace Report

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled in November that Trump International Hotel Las Vegas — which Trump just happens to co-own — was in violation of the law by refusing to negotiate with a hotel worker’s union. The NLRB is in an unprecedented situation — how are they supposed to rule on disputes that will affect the president’s business?


40 Wall Street And Various Criminal Charges


Golden capital letters announce 40 Wall Street as THE TRUMP BUILDING. According to a Bloomberg valuation, 40 Wall St. is Trump’s most valuable property. Since Trump Organization took over 40 Wall St. in 1995, prosecutors have filed criminal charges against at least 29 people and 9 firms in the building.


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