Donald Trump’s Victim Complex Is Getting Old, His Advisors Say

Donald Trump’s open expressions of self-pity and claims of victim status are starting to wear on his advisers. Those close to the president say he sees events primarily in terms of how they affect him, and when things go wrong, he feels attacked. However, their usual efforts to redirect don’t seem to be working anymore, and Trump’s support staff is reportedly getting tired of the ‘victim complex’ attitude.

Donld Trump victim complex exhausts aides
[Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images]

The Washington Post reports that people interacting with Trump over the past few weeks describe him as “shell-shocked and sullen,” and say he’s accusing pollsters of intentionally sampling anti-Trump voters, as well as complaining that protests reflect badly on him, and grumbling that COVID-19 damaged the economy he credits himself with building.

Those close to him say he takes it to shocking extremes, with one advisor describing Trump as “inconsolable” because, he said, “some stupid cop in Minneapolis kneels on someone‚Äôs neck and now everyone is protesting.”

Though advisors have reportedly tried to improve the president’s mood by showing him polls with more favorable outcomes, bringing him a trucker event with 18-wheelers at the White House, and making videos of his fan base expressing adoration, it’s hardly possible to take Trump fully away from the pubic opinion and ongoing crises. FiveThirtyEight‘s current roundup of polls from the past few weeks doesn’t include a single poll with an approval rating above 46% — and the only one that goes that high is Rasmussen. Disapproval ratings don’t fall below 50% in any of these polls.

Trump’s apparent view of himself as the perpetual victim of persecution has even inspired attack ads, such as the recent ‘Whispers’ video from a conservative anti-Trump PAC, which consists entirely of a message to the president that all his own people are secretly against him.

Trump’s Twitter account often displays his feelings about feeling attacked or supported — for example, tweeting that he’s the victim of “presidential harassment” or a “witch hunt,” or repeating his regular claim (without offering evidence) that he has 96% approval in the Republican party.

With the election nearing and Joe Biden leading in polls, at the same time that COVID-19 is raging across the country and through Trump’s own administration, an protests proclaiming the value of Black lives are growing, even to painting murals in front of Trump Tower and the White House, the president is facing a lot. From what his advisors are saying, his expression of it is getting to be too much.

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