Donald Trump’s Twitter Password Was MAGA2020! Says Hacker

A hacker who gained access to Donald Trump’s Twitter account has released the president’s password and other information, as well as weighing in on the Hunter Biden hard drive. Apparently the president’s social media, where he says tweets are official messages, was protected with a very guessable password — MAGA2020!

Trump password: MAGA2020!
[Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images]

Volsrant released information from researcher Victor Gevers, who terms himself an ‘ethical hacker’ and says he broke into Donald Trump’s Twitter account just to see if he could. In fact, Gevers says he was surprised at how easy it was. He expected to be locked out of the account after 4 wrong guesses, but instead, he got a fifth chance. He punched in the Trump team slogan, followed by the year, and an exclamation mark. “MAGA2020!” worked.

He said he reached out to the president, suggesting that he use a longer, more difficult to guess password, and add two-step verification, to make it harder for others to break into his social media accounts, but he received no response. He sent a tweet, tagging Trump, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Trump’s campaign, his eldest son, the White House, and Twitter security.

The following day, he says that two-factor authentication had been added, better protecting the account.

ABC reported in 2016 that Anonymous had claimed to have hacked Donald Trump’s accounts, releasing information including public information such as his birthdate and the names of his children, as well as information that was outdated, including an attorney’s name, and some information that was not verified, including a cell phone number and alleged social security number. Without confirming the information, the Trump campaign released a statement saying that law enforcement was investigating and would arrest the responsible parties.

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